We have the ability to take on your installation project whether it is local to us, or if we need to travel.  We specialize in hotel and apartment settings.  We pay attention to detail in order to get the job done right the first time, which minimizes cost and maximizes our customer’s satisfaction!

Many of our installation customers are from out of state, which could understandably be a tough decision for them to put their own company’s reputation on the line.  We strive to provide quick and responsive communication before, and after the process to ease some of these concerns.  We are a warranty service provider for many different brands which helps to bring a quick resolution to any unexpected problem that may arise.

Below is a sample of the type of experience you can expect when dealing with Liberty Equipment Services:

“I was a little hesitant selecting an installer for one of my clients based only on a website, but I decided to take the chance.  I have been in the fitness industry over 13 years and like to do most of the installations myself, but I was not able to do this job so I hired Liberty Equipment Services, he exceeded my expectations, he did an outstanding job and even went above and beyond.  For example, upon installing one of the treadmills, he noticed a small rip in the belt, he called the manufacture, got the belt ordered and installed it within a week.  None of this was required, he just went above and beyond for the client.  Thank you very much, I will be sub-contracting with him in the near future.”

Cale Van Cleave
Fitness Gallery
Overland Park, KS

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